5 Loaves 2 Fish after-school feeding program
5 Loaves 2 Fish after-school feeding program

Imagine helping 12,000 children every day. We hope you will join with us in supporting this extraordinary after school tutoring and feeding program, initiated by Dr. Chandra and Dr. Leela Bose.  This remarkable outreach provides a warm meal and tutoring that helps establish a holistic foundation in a child’s formative years. Impacting more than just these hungry children, whole families are being strengthened and encouraged through the “5 Loaves-2 Fishes” program!


According to a recent article by the Barna Group, global poverty is on the decline, but almost no one believes it!

Did you know that in the past 30 years the percentage of people in the world who live in extreme poverty has decreased by more than half?

Did you know that if each person makes a decision to do something, it is possible to make a dramatic impact on childhood hunger?


To provide a warm meal and a positive, uplifting after-school educational environment for children, and to utilize existing church buildings in local communities as centers for holistic development.


You can become a partner today! Contact the Indian office below for more information and to join in this program!

Together, we can make a lasting impact on Global Poverty and Improve the lives of thousands of children!

Monthly commitment to feed 500 children
Annual commitment to feed 500 children
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