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About Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life

What is an inspired idea? Have you ever needed one? Are you looking for a thought that can fuel your future? Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life is all about inspiring your life—and awakening you to believe, expect and achieve your dream! 

With thought provoking interviews, spiritual insights and creative and practical advice, Leslie will challenge, encourage and motivate you with Inspired Ideas for everyday application.

Here at Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life, we believe that ONE DIVINELY INSPIRED IDEA can change your life forever!


Our Purpose

We are here for you!  Our goal is to provide you with practical tools like the “Live Your Dream” series.  In every television program and throughout our website, you will find downloads, daily blogs and other tools, created to help you discover life-transforming ideas.

What if you had a life-changing idea? How would you respond? Just recently one mother sent us this story about her divinely inspired idea:

“We had the pleasure of hearing you in Phoenix, Ariz. I didn’t get a chance to talk to you, but I was not only impacted by everything that was said, but especially one thing stood out to me that I feel was God inspired. Over a year ago a God inspired idea came to me and since then I have been dragging my feet on it. When this idea came to me, my daughter and I always said that it would be fun if we could do this project together. God reminded me of this idea during your meeting and has continued to speak to me through the word, your messages and your Live Your Dream pamphlet!

My daughter and I put our heads together on our idea, made some of them, then  prayed and asked around for a patent lawyer. We met with one on Feb. 25 and had a list of questions we asked and showed him our idea. When he saw it, he loved it, and loved the idea and that there were so many different distributors we could market to. My goal is–to  market our product, bring in more money and give back to God (I truly believe that you cannot out-give God).”

This is just one of the many stories that we have heard about how a life is transformed by a divinely inspired idea. We look forward to communicating with you each week through our television programs and this website!

We believe that YOU can Live Your Dream!



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