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We would like to continue our tribute to our friend, mentor and missionary statesman, Dr. T.L Osborn!

While working with Dr. TL, we learned that we don’t live in a movement of healing, we live in a lifestyle of healing! He was often quoted as saying, “I don’t know when the healing movement ended. I have seen Jesus healing people around the globe for over 60 years.”

This statement rings so true in our hearts! Jesus taught and everywhere the Lord was present to heal. We have learned to put our expectation on what Christ has done, on how much He loves His people who are created in His image, and to remember He had people on His mind long before we ever thought of speaking to the multitudes!

You would often hear Dr. TL say that you can’t organize a miracle. What we do is plant seed and let God do His work! These pictures in India are a reminder of the multitudes waiting for a MIRACLE. Dr. TL’s legacy lives on in millions of believers who have embraced a simple truth – Jesus saves and Jesus heals – or, simply…. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever!

Together we saw thousands in India respond to the healing power of Christ! Amidst 300 million gods one true God still shines above all others – His Name is JESUS!

The Most Important Lesson

In this city I learned one of the most important lessons for ministry when Dr. TL Osborn was asked a question by the pastors of the two largest churches in the Ukraine. The question? “What do you attribute 50 years of ministry success to?” I remember Dr. TL thoughtfully rubbed his goatee and then answered, “Love God and Love People. This is the key to successful ministry.” And I thought – WOW – how else could you summarize 50 years of ministry!

Celebration of Dr. TL Osborn’s Life and Ministry

One of our first mass events with Dr. TL that would lead to 16 years of work together in over 25 nations. Today we celebrate his home going with ministry friends from around the globe. He is now with his Daisy in heaven! Words do not describe all we saw and experienced as we traversed the globe with our mentor, friend, spiritual father, and statesman and ambassador to presidents, kings, and everyday people.

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