Dr. Leslie McNulty

Meet Dr. Leslie McNulty

Globally recognized Communicator, Author and host of Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life

Internationally acclaimed public speaker, author, certified John Maxwell coach and TV host of DIVINELY INSPIRED IDEAS FOR LIFE, Dr. Leslie McNulty is a global strategist and teacher.

As a global communicator, she is known for her simple and passionate message. Dr. Leslie McNulty has addressed crowds of 5,000 to 250,000 and has won acclaim as one of the emerging international women’s voices of our time. Cofounder of Christian Adventures International, with offices in the U.S., Russia and India, and pioneer of the Eurasian 100-Tent Project, she regularly conducts national leadership conferences entitled “Women of Miraculous Destiny.” Along with her husband, Kevin, she served for 16 years as co-minister and Global Event Director for the late Missionary Statesman Dr. T. L. Osborn.

Dr. McNulty was catapulted into a drastically different phase of life in 1988, when her career changed from a bank manager and commercial loan officer in Florida to worldwide public figure. Through 10 years of experience living in Russia establishing churches, Bible schools and training missionaries, combined with experience in over 60 nations, she has developed a unique, intense perspective for today’s global environment. She holds a degree in Finance from Stetson University, a bachelor’s degree in Church Administration, a master’s degree in Theology from Life Christian University and a conferred doctorate.

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